Aloevera Gel 100g


 Moisturizer, Suntan, dry skin, scars, acne, dark circle, blemishes, insect bite, wrinkles, dry skin, dandruff, stretch mark, redness, dark sports, black and white heads, natural conditioner, hair fall etc.

Aloe Vera gel is made from pulp of aloe vera. Aloe Vera gel is  loaded with several nutrients like glycerin, radium palmate, sodium carbonate etc. These are good for the skin and nourishes skin, keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Aloe Vera helps in preventing early signs of ageing it has shown miraculous effects on oily and acne prone skin. Aloe Vera gel can work on blemishes and scars. Aloe Vera gel is widely used in sun burn conditions because it is soothing and reduces inflammation. It is used to treat insect bite and heals wound. It reduces stretch marks. Topical application of Aloe Vera gel can help promote hair growth and reduces dandruff .It act as a best conditioner for hair. Aloe Vera gel is free from chemicals has no side effects.

Prevents signs of ageing(wrinkles)

Moisturizes skin up to 72 hours

Reduces for pimples and pigmentation

Reduces acne and scar

Clears dark circles around eyes

Reduces stretch marks and blemishes

beneficial for all types of skin

Treats sunburn reduces tan

Promotes hair growth

Reduces dandruff

Act as a conditioner for hair

Reduces inflammation

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Weight 100 g




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