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This oil helps in reducing hair fall, prevents premature greying also aids in faster hair growth.It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidant which repairs damaged hair coconut oil penetrate into hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. Also when herbs like Bringraj, Brahmi, curry leaves, Nimba, Amla and other Ayurveda ingredients are added to coconut oil. It becomes miracle oil that cures all hair issues and makes hair grows faster in a short period. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of nimba protect the scalp from itching dandruff formation medhya drug like Brahmi and jatamansi adds neuron protective properties to this oil it protect from mansik roga thus it is useful to leaf insomnia and improves the vision. As head is one among the trimarma where all indryas resides therefore. It act as a brain tonic and improves the concentration, uses the insomnia it improves the blood circulation .Bringaraj is a good vasodilator, thus improves hair growth. it prevents the split ends and flakes.

Keshya properties of jatamansi and bringraj promotes the hair growth Take sufficient oil and apply with fingers daily before sleep For the better results apply take warm oil.

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1. Karivepaku 2.Aloevera3. Brahmi 4. Bringaraj 5.Amla 6.Totakura 7.Jhar haldi 8.Ananthamula 9.Jatamansi 10.Kachura 11. Bala 12. Vattiverlu 13.Nimbha 14.Coconut oil.


1.karivepaku-Curry leaves or kadipatta

Botanical Name-Murraya koenigi spreng

Properties:- Antioxidant,ntimicrobial good for hair .keshya contains vitamin A vitamin B vitamin C vitamin E.

2.ALOEVERA-Ghritkumari, kumara

Botanical Name-Aloe barbadensis

Properties:-Best moisturizer. protect from damage of hair

3. Brahmi

Botanical name-bacopa monnieri

Properties:-Medhu drug,antioxidant,mental tonic so used to treat mansik roga.It act as medhya rasayana.Promotes blood circulation. It is a neuroprotective strengthening the hair follicles, prevent alopecia.

4.Bringaraj-Botanical name-Eclipta alba

Properties:- Considered as rasayana,keshya netrahitkara.Antibacterial,antiviral,analgeric, anticancer.Increases vasodialation thus promotes hair growth.


Botancial name: phyllanthus emblica.

Properties: Rasayana,Antioxidant.Good for eyes,hair,skin,nails.


Botanical Name: azadirachta indica


7. Coconut-Botanical name-cocos nucifera

Properties:-It is considered as keshya.It nourishes damaged hair and used as a conditioner.


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