B Glow Fairness Cream 30g

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To lighten your skin, remove scar, burning, cuts, suntan, blemishes, acne, nail fungal infection, black spots, bacterial infections, rashes for fair and radiant skin itching, inflammation.

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Combination of these natural herbs have countless healing and skin nourishing properties that are even more needed in this age for daily skin care to fighting skin blemishes healing rashes ,delaying dullness and tan .It contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to skin. It is anti -inflammatory and soothes skin. It is anti-fungal and can be used to acne. Potassium present is kesar helps with cell formation and repair. It will helps with the blood circulation and hydrate the skin leaving with a fresh glow. It will help you get rid of scars. It is used to treat blemishes. It is affective in exfoliation of skin and lighten brighten the skin. It relives the insect bite. It provides us even tone, cures dry and cracked skin. And use to treat eczema. It is good for filling up cracked heal, skin rashes .Fungal and bacterial infection, nail -fungus. Black heads, removal of dark spots and wrinkle.

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Weight 30 g

Kesar-saffron crocus, karpura-cinnamomum camphora, rasakarpura, haridra-curcumalonga, sweta chandana-santalvm album.


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