B On Gold 30 Capsules


Impotency, infertility, increases sperm count, nightfall, oligospermia, azospermia, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, loss of strength stress and anxiety, etc.

B-on is the unique combination of vajikaraushadha,vajikarana is one of eight branches of the ashtanga Ayurveda. Vajikarana is concerned with aphrodisiacs, vitality and improving health of progeny.B-on is very helpful for improving  good physique, potency, nervous and muscular  strength,sexual potency. This inturn corrects infertility, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It revitalizes sapthadhatus ( body elements). This drug acts inside the human body by modulating the neuroendocrine system. Used for oligospermia. Treats nocturnal emission (night fall).. Improves vigour and vitality.Enchance virility. Boost testosterone and increases fertility in men.Highly effectivce in increasing sperm count.Improves the motility of sperm. Cures loss of libido.Eliminates fatigue. Relieve stress. Improves the reproductive system.

Additional information

Weight 40 g


Ashwagandha-withania somniferra, satavari- asparagus racemosus, gokshura- tribulus terrestris, musli- chlorophytum borivilianum, kapikacchu- mucunapruriens, vidarikand- pueraria tuberose,kutaja-holarrhena antidysenterica, almond- prunus amygdalus, akrot-juglans bregia,draksha- vitis vinifera, maricha- piper nigra, pippali- piper longum, tejpatra- cinnamomum tamala, dalchini- cinnamomum verum, elachi- elettaria cardamomum sugar, ghrita, madhu.

1 Capsule twice a day after meal with warm milk or as directed by vaidya.

Mode of action of important ingredients:

Atmagupta (Mucuna pruriens) increases sperm count and very good for male fertility. strengthens and tones up the sexual glands and increase blood circulation to the genitals.Reduces stress, anxiety and increases stamina and sex drive libido. A good source of protein and dietary fiber and used as supplement to build muscles and safe for diabetic patients.

Ashwagandha(Indian ginseng) is rejuvenating.It reduces anxiety  and specially useful for male sexual dysfunction and body building. Increases sperm cunt and very much improves performance.

Gokshura rejuvenates the reproductive system increases energy levels.It improves vigor,sexual edesire and drive corrects erectile dysfunction by strengthening penile tissue.

Vangabhasma rejuvenative strenghthens reproductive system excellent medicine for involuntary loss of semen(night fall).It is drug of choice in male infertility,less semen, and impotency and is anti diabetic.

Makaradhwaja cures loss of libido and weakness and treats erectile dysfunction and low libido prevents ageing.

Shilajit boosts male fertility and cures sexual debility and weakness.Reputed drug for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Safed musli (Natural Viagra/Indian ginseng) is rejuvenator and very much  and supports better erection and sexual performance. It stops or cures premature ejaculation.


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