B Shakti Syrup


Quick review:
*Nourishes the body tissues and enhances immunity.
*Reduce stress and fatigue, improves mental and physical efficiency.
* Rich in natural antioxidants, improves digestive functions.

Shakti syrup a general nourishing tonic rejunevative, prepared from synergic blend of nourishing herbs and fruits. Excellent source of iron and glucose give immediate boost of energy thus revitalizes the body instantly. Shatavari, gokshura enhances body immunity and nourish the body tissues normalizes the blood pressure. Brahmi, Ashwagandha and sankhapushpi are best anti anxiety and anti stress agents and effective in improving the cognitive and neurological functions. Enhances memory cures dementia and mental fatigue common with old age. Correct the male sexual dysfunction and also increase the sperm cunt. Precious herbs like Guduchi, Yastimadhu  Amalaki are not only powerful anti oxidants but also have proven immunomodulatory effect to boost up immunity against many viral and bacterial infections.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


Draksha, karjura, Sughandipala, shatavari, Brahmi, Shankapushpi, yalakulu, saffron, Besil, yastimadhu, Guduchi, Aswagandha, Bala, Amalaki, Dhalchini.

Adults: 5ml to10 ml before  meals.

Children: 5ml before meals.

Very safe tonic, can be used by all age groups.

Mode of action of important ingredients:

Kharjura excellent source of iron rich dried fruit It is high in sugars sucha as glucose, fructose and sucrose,dates can give immediate boost of energy Revitalizes the body instantly .

Draksha (vitis vinifera) boosts immunity ,profuse with a range of anti oxidants.regulates blood pressure  higher amount of protective proteins hence good for the eyes.

Sweta sariva (Indian Sarsaparilla) is  an excellent blood purifier, considered best to cure  chronic skin diseases .It is  antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and  anti-inflammatory. This herb is useful in autoimmune disease.

Shatavari  enhances immunity nourishes the body tissues and galactogogue.

Brahmi(bacopa monnieri)is best anti anxiety and anti stress  agent improves cognitive and neurologiacal functions.Brain and nervine tonic. Improves memory in old age and helpful in curing dementia.

Sankhapushpi (convolvulus pluricaulis) It treat mental fatigue naturally and improves memory.learning , concentration,intelligence and brain function and combats sleeplessness.

Ashwagandha(Indian ginseng) is rejuvenating.It reduces anxiety  and specially useful for male sexual dysfunction and body building. Increases s

perm cunt and very much improes performance.

Guduchi: (Tinospora cordifolia) extensively used Ayurvedic medicinal herb .Rejuvenative ,lowers the blood sugar,  boosts of immunity and anti viral. Immuno modulator.

Bala( sida cordifolia) nourishing tonic,especially for painful  nervous disorders.

Rasayana , enhances the male libido.

Gokshura (tribulus terrestris)reduces the lipid levels,anto oxidant,anti ulcer effective against kidney stones.regularises blood pressure. Tonic, restores health and well being.

Yastimadhu(glycyrrhiza glabra)  is rasyayana, possess anti tussive anti ulcer properties.

Amalaki(emblica officinalis) is rejuvenator improves digestive function.excellent source of vit c.detoxifies blood, strengthens the sensory organs.

Dalchini(cinnamon) cinnamaldehyde reduces blood pressure,relaxes the muscles increases the blood flow.


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