Brihat Vata Chinthamani Ras 15T
Brihat Vata Chinthamani Ras 30T

Bhrihath Vatachintamani Ras


Rheumataid arthritis,osteo arthritis, severe joints pain, Neuropathy, neuritis, Dementia, Premature ejactulation, sexual disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, tremor (parkinson’s disease), facial paralysis, psychosis, Epilepy etc.

Bhrihat vata chintamani Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet from. It used in the treatment of vataja disorders such as paralysis, hemiplegia, facial palsy, tremors, arthritis etc. Widely used in the management of neuro – psychiatric illness. The ingredients of compound formulary were indicated as a stimulant, nervine and rejuvenate It contains the potent anti – inflammatory, anti – oxidant and are used in rheumatoid arthritis. It works as a neuroprotective drug.

Contains swarna ( gold) Bhasma

Acts as a neuroprotective

Acts as catalyst

Stimulant nervine

Rejuvenative and anti-oxidant

Vata Doshahara

Treat paralysis

Treats arthritis

Additional information

Weight 60 g


Swarna Bhasma – Bhasma of gold, Rajat Bhasma – Bhasma of silver, Abhraka Bhasma – Bhasma of mica, Loha Bhasma – Bhasma of iron, Pravala bhasma – Bhasma of coral, Mukta Bhasma – Bhasma of pearl, Suta Bhasma – A compound of purified and processed mercury, purified sulphur, juice extract of aloe vera.

125 mg once or twice a day, before or after food or as directed by vaidya.


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