Body Lotion

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Hydrates skin, roughdry and scaly skin, crack in skin, itching, redness, softens skin ,blemishes etc.

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All the ingredients are varnya and raktaprasadanaaushadha which means these enhance the glow and provide flawless beauty. These ingredients are rich in magnesium. Proteins, omega 3, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc potassium and calcium. This lotion provides nourishment to skin and protects the skin from damage caused by sun exposure and dryness in harsh winter. It not only gives you clear, acne-free or pimple free skin but also maintains the softness of skin and act as an anti-ageing beauty secret. It rejuvenates the body and lightens skin complexion
Provides instant 3x moisture and softness to the skin.
Treat pigmentation and acne
Act as an anti-ageing lotion
Improves skin tone

Increases suppleness of skin
Treats scaly and dry skin

Protects skin from pollution

Suitable for all skin types


Helps to improve the production of cells and antibodies

Natural body lotion is free from damaging harmful chemicals

Additional information

Weight 120 g

Sandal-santalumalbum , amla-phyllantusemblic, almond – prunusdulcis, vitamin E, cream base

Apply Nourishing Body Lotion gently all over the body, with special attention to severely dry areas, slowly massaging it in. For better results the body lotion to be applied after bath since the skin will be congenial after bath.


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