brahmi-pro-granules 500g
brahmi-pro-granules 500g

Brahmi Pro Granules


Indication:- Loss of memory, lack of concentration, insomnia ADHD, Anxiety disorder, stress, nutritional deficiency.

Description:- brahmi pro granules is a memory booster for ages it contains medhya varga of drugs like brahmi, asvagandha, shankapushpi etc. These herbs considered as medhya rasayana. Medhya rasayana drugs play an essential role in the treatment of psychiatric and psychosomatic disease they act on brain. It reactivate the function of brain and gives strength to the nervous system. It improves the intellectual power and affective in anxiety neurosis, insomnia. It enhances the memory function. It acts as adaptgen immuno modulator, antioxidant, neurotropic. It provides the strength and maintains the color, longevity of body. It aims enhancement in ojus will power, determination of the body, complexion, voice, Optimum strength of physique and sense organs. It is enriched with vitamins & protein.

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Weight 500 g


Ingredients:- Brahmi – bacopa mannieri,

shankapushpi – convolvulvulus pluricanlis

gokshura – tribulus terrestris

satavri – asparagus racemosus

asvagandha – withania somnifra etc

Dosage- mix two teaspoons of brahmi pro granules is a glass of hot milk (or) directed by the vaidya.


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