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Tamarind is the fruit of Tamarindus indica popularly used in Indian cuisine.

Roasted tamarind seeds are a popular snack amongst the rural population.

Mostly available during dry season, tamarind seeds contain phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, calcium and amino acids.

Tamarind seeds are shiny black in color and have numerous nutritional and health benefits.

Tamarind Seeds Benefits:


The red outer cover of the tamarind seed cures diarrhoea and dysentery effectively.


Extracts of tamarind seeds contain xyloglycans, which is used in many cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. They are topically used for treating minor skin rashes.


 Its anti-inflammatory property eases out joint pain, especially in people suffering from arthritis. Consume ½ a teaspoon of roasted tamarind seed powder twice a day with water to boost joint lubrication which soothes pain.


Tamarind seeds can cure all teeth related problems and clean nicotine stuck to your teeth. Consume tamarind seeds fried/roasted, mash them till they are smooth and brush your teeth with a toothbrush.


Tamarind seed juice is a natural remedy to cure indigestion and increase bile production. Its rich dietary fiber contains lowers cholesterol. This helps digestion and is a great natural appetizer. This is also useful to treat stomatitis and relieve constipation.

Tamarind seeds contain immunity boosting properties that protect you from many diseases and disorders.


Tamarind seed contain antibacterial benefits that can protect you from pneumonia-causing bacteria, Typhus and Staphylococcus aureus. This also protects from a bacterium that causes skin infections as well as intestinal and urinary tract infections.

Tamarind seed juice can be a good mouth wash. Gargle with this to get relief from a sore throat. You can mix it with some ginger and cinnamon to treat tonsils, pharyngitis, cold, cough, and other throat infections.


Tamarind seed lowers blood sugar levels. This protects the pancreas, which increases the size of insulin-producing cells.

Heart health:

Tamarind seed contains potassium that can prove useful for hypertensive and heart patients.


A thick paste of tamarind seeds is applied on broken bones to cure fractures.



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