Dermo B Oil 120ml

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Psoriasis, dandruff, scaly kin, skin rashes, czema, acne, scars, fungal, infection, vitiligo, suntan, burns, wounds, rough and fizzy hair. Dry and itchy scalp, hair fall, pruritus, cracked heals.

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DESCRIPTION: Dermo B all in one skin care oil is prepared with natural herbs which provide us excellent moisture and soothing effect to the irritated skin and scalp. It can penetrate the skin and hair roots faster. It conditions your scalp. It relives itching and promotes hair growth. It strengthen hair roots, improves hair texture. It reduces Trans epidermal water loss. It delays skin aging. It promotes blood circulation, so it is used for early wound healing. It helps to cures white patches, rough dry, scaly, discolored skin. Bakuchi is named as “kushtanashini” in Ayurveda which names leprosy destroyer. It acts as antibacterial, ant inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti fungal.

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Weight 120 g

Sweth kutaja-(Holarrhea antidysenterica), camphor oil-(cinnanomum camphora), basil oil-(ocimum basiliusm), menthol oil-(menthe orvensis), coconut oil-(cocos nucifera), karanja oil-(pongmia pinnate), neem oil-(azadirachta indica), bakuchi oil-(psoralea corylifolia).


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