Forest Honey


Useful in – Toxicity, hiccup, bleeding UTI, skin diseases, Vomiting dyspnea, worm infestation, chronic respiratory disease, cough, cold, etc.

Balu Herbals natural forest honey is 100%natural and organic certified which has no added sugar and good for your health. Natural forest honey is smooth and delicious, while being a natural sour of energy. Natural forest honey is naturally complete with healthful minerals and nutrients and perfect for adding sweetness of your life by spoonful, as well as your favourite tulasi tea
It contains fructose, mineral and natural nutritional elements
act as anti-septic and blood purifier.
Regular use treats cold, cough, fever.
Natural forest honey helps in early healing of injuries.
Applied externally along with ghee in wound, burns, scales, non-healing ulcers.
Externally applied along with lime in abdominal colic, bruises, sprain.
Honey is the best catalyst substance (yogavahi) that is to say it carries the properties of drugs added to it.
as per ayurveda honey has lekhana properties this can be translated as “scraping out the cholesterol” useful in obesity, weight loss”. This is why we use honey along with Luke warm water in morning on empty stomach as weight loss.
It restores the oxygen that is replaced by lactic acid when fatigue set in.

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Weight 250 g

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