Haircare Pack

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1.B Best Hair Oil 200ml

2.Aloevera Shampoo 200ml

3.Amla Juice 1Ltr

4.Herbal Henna 100g

B Best Hair Oil: B-Best Hair Oil reduce hair loss works to promote hair growth. Regular massage using this oil increases the circulation of
blood to the scalp. In turn, this activates the hair follicles, increase the hair’s thickness and luster as well.

Aloevera Shampoo Conditioning: It helps hair to grow faster, It reduces shedding and hair loss.

Amla Juice: Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, amla juice is actually useful for hair health in many different ways, and it can be both consumed and topically applied. Drinking it supplies minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that promote the well-being of hair.

Herbal Henna: Herbal Henna Powder made from pure Indian herbs used for hair conditioning. Regular use of herbal henna gives strength and shine to the hair. Medicinal value of Henna and other ingredients take care of all scalp disorders. It acts as hair vitalizer and helps hair growth and health.

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