neem oil


1. Neem Oil For The Skin And Hair

This powerful oil can be a game changer for your hair and skin.


Relieves Dryness And Makes Skin Supple

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids (EFAs), neem oil can go deep into the skin. It can heal even the tiniest of cracks from extreme dryness. Neem oil is also used to enhance aging skin, as it boosts collagen production.

Treats Skin Conditions

This magical oil also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it can even ward off fungal skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. Neem oil can also work against scabies and eczema. Ayurveda recommends adding one gram of camphor to 30 mL neem oil. This mixture should then be applied twice a day.

Fights Acne

If you suffer from acne, this one’s for you. According to folk remedies, neem leaves can be used to treat breakouts. Research has found that applying both neem oil and crushed neem leaves can reduce the size of a painful pimple. But since neem oil is quite strong, it’s wise to dilute it with coconut or olive oil before applying it. Time to get mixing!

Combats Hair Problems

Neem oil can naturally improve common hair problems like graying and hair loss. Lice and dandruff can also be treated with it, thanks to the pesticidal properties of azadirachtin. It sure beats those harsh store-bought chemical solutions.

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