Noni Syrup


Immune System Booster

It improves the jatharagani and revitalize the body. It provides the jivani Shakti and ojus thus it helps to rejuvenate the body and provides stamina. It develop the nava dhats.It act on is raktashodhaka it is good for neurological problems. Improves the immune system it acts as a rasayan as it contain lots of rasayana herbs which revitalize the body and provides a navjivana. It slow down the process of ageing and keep the skin healthy it enhance the teja it is good to provide arogya.It act as vedanasthaparthus thus can  used in joint pain.

Additional information

Weight 400 g


achuka (Noni) Indian mulberry

Amla-emblica officinalis

Tulasi- olimum tenuiflorum

Guduchi-tinospora corditolia

kapikachhu -mucuna purinens

satavari-asparagus racemusus

Asvagandha-withanis somnifera

Gokshura -tribulus terretis

Lodhra -symplocos racemosa

manjistha- rubia wrdifolia



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