UB Slim 60 Capsules

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Obesity, indigestion, appetite controller, lowers cholesterol LDL and triglycerides, lipoma, reduces belly fat and unwanted fat, metabolism, constipation.

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UB SLIM  is made up of ayurvedic herbs like Garcina Cambogia  used for obesity. It helps to increase metabolism, curbs fat storage, controls weight. Bhasmas present is this preparation is doing a lot of function with the body some of them are scraping quality and nourishing quality. UB SLIM suppress the hunger craving. It improves Digestive health. This herbals medicine removes toxins from the body and stimulate fat burning enzymes to help you get rid of unwanted fat (belly fat, waist, buttocks, neck and legs). It is used to treat hormonal imbalance. It helps in controlling cholesterol, lowers LDL triglycerides and maintains normal lipid levels. UB SLIM reduces and dissolves lipoma. These are the aushada of lekhaniyagana and medoharagana, that are believed to counter obesity and high cholesterol, helping expel excess fat and kapha from the body. UB SLIM is a 100% natural solution for weight management without any side effects.

Tackles obesity  and fat levels

Short out digestive ailments

Maintains normal lipid level

Cures high cholesterol level

Helpful in arthritis

Strengthens the muscles

Prevents loosening of skin due to weight loss

Boost metabolism activity

Reduces fatigue and weakness

Maintains BMI

Stress relieving.

Additional information

Weight 80 g

Vrikshamala-garcinia cambogia, shunthi (dry ginger)-zingiber officinale, pipali – piper longum, marich (black pepper) -piper nigrum, amla –emblica officinalis, haritaki-terminaliachebula, bibhitaki –terminaliabellirica, vidanga-embeliaribes, musta-cyprus rotundus shilajit,tamra bhasma, loha bhasma, abrakabhasma etc


1-2 cap twice a daily after food or as directed by vaidya.

2 reviews for UB Slim 60 Capsules

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