Benefits of Organic products v/s Non-Organic products

Benefits of Organic products v/s Non-Organic products

  • Organic products are easily absorbed by our skin far more effectively than synthetic ones.
  • ​Organic products processing & manufacturing goes through a cleaner and more earth friendly process than non-organic ones that have irradiation of the end product.
  • ​Organic means no GMO, better animal and environmental welfare, reduced usage of pesticides and elimination of manufactured herbicides and artificial fertilizers.
  • This is better for the environment as well as the body, since studies have shown long term exposure to pesticides is linked to many diseases and side effects.
  • ​Man-made compounds found in non-organic products can also predispose your body to weight gain.

How to Go Organic with Beauty Products:

  • In addition to switching to certified organic skincare and personal products, there are several ways you can be certain that the things you put on your skin are better for you:
  • ​Do not use deodorant that contains aluminum; use only certified organic deodorant.
  • ​If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin.
  • ​Avoid products with ‘fragrance’ listed as an ingredient (a single artificial fragrance can contain hundreds of chemicals, and fragrances are commonly the cause of allergic reactions).
  • ​Before buying a product, look at the list of ingredients – the FDA requires manufacturers to list ingredients in order by volume, so the first ones are the primary ingredients used.
  • ​Try to stay away from products that come in plastic containers, because the chemicals in plastics can leech into the product itself, and definitely stick to BPA-free containers.
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