Bhringraj Tailam

What is Bhringraj Tailam and The Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

What is Bhringraj Tailam and The Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

With the King of Herbs as its prime ingredient, Balu herbals Bhringraj Hair Oil is an age-old authentic ayurvedic formulation for hair loss, scalp treatment and inflammation.

Bhringraj solves hair care problems like hair fall or premature graying. Bhringraj is a” king of herbs”, its herbal oil is used in Ayurveda for various purposes since ancient times.

Bhringraj herb is also known as “False Daisy”. This medicinal herb is from the sunflower family and grows in moist areas like India, Thailand, and Brazil. There are two varieties of the bhringraj herb that exists- one plant yields yellow flowers, and the other has white flowers. Both varieties of flowers are used to prepare the oil, but the most preferred variety is the white-flowered bhringraj plant.

Bhringraj oil is also known as Mahabhringraj oil, which is an oil prepared from the leaves of the bhringraj herb. Sundry the leaves of the bhringraj herb for two-three days, and then add this leaves in coconut or sesame oil. Leave this oil in the sun for another two-three days till its color turns to green. Another simple method to prepare bhringraj oil is just added powdered bhringraj leaves in hot coconut oil and store.

Benefits of Bhringraj oil:

In the Ayurveda system of medicine, bhringraj has been used for ages. Its leaves are very effectively used as a liver cleanser and act as a hair tonic. It works miraculously on hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, premature graying, and also strengthen hair. According to Ayurveda, it’s a ‘Rasayana’ that has special anti-aging properties and rejuvenation.

1: Promotes hair growth

As per studies, bhringraj oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and roots, which promotes hair growth. This oil activates the hair follicles, which enhances hair growth. Massage this oil for 10 minutes in a circular motion for better results.

2: Prevents hair fall and baldness

It is an excellent remedy for stress-related hair loss. Bhringraj oil cool down your head and reduce stress and nervousness. This herb also contains various minerals and vitamins that help to reduce the breakages of hair and prevent hair loss. It is one of the natural therapy to prevent hair fall. Massage the oil on your scalp at bedtime that helps to improve the blood circulation at the root of the hair bringing more nutrients to support hair growth.

3: Treats dandruff and dry scalp

Bhringraj oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help to reduce dandruff. It also relieves symptoms of scalp psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory property. It also acts great, on the dry scalp to reduce itching. Bhringraj oil can easily penetrate the scalp and moisturise your dry scalp.

4: Slows down hair graying

Bhringraj oil contains active ingredients named – haritaki and Jatamansi, which are extremely beneficial in maintaining the natural colour of hair and prevent premature greying. Regular use bhringraj oil with amla oil to prevent premature graying of hair.

5: Treats scalp infection

The anti-bacterial properties of bhringraj oil make it is a choice of oil to treat various scalp infections. This oil is effective against various types of follicle infections, psoriasis, bacterial infection, and tinea infections. Regular use of this oil will reduce the inflammation of hair follicles and scalp tenderness and increase hair growth.

6: Nourishment to the hair

Regular bhringraj oil massage can improve the blood supply to your hair roots, which ultimately provides all the nourishment to the hair.

7: Liver cleanser

Bhringraj plant leaves juice is known as a liver tonic. It detoxifies the liver and enhances its function. Studies show that it also helps for liver cell generation.

8: Aids for healthy skin

Bhringraj is great for skin health and skin problem. It helps to rejuvenate your skin and helps to reduce wrinkles and dullness of the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce symptoms of acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

9: Relief from headache

Bhringraj oil helps to provide instant relief from headaches especially stress-induced headaches. Nasal administration of bhringraj oil cures headaches.

10: Improves eyesight

Bhringraj oil is used to improve eye vision. In each vision, 2 drops of bhringraj oil every morning may improve eyesight.

11: Reduces stress and improves sleep pattern

It is known as a stress reliever. Bhringraj oil contains magnesium that is known to improve mood and sleep patterns.

12: Improves memory

Researchers suggest that when bhringraj was combined with Ashwagandha (medicinal herb) it works amazingly to improve memory in Alzheimer’s disease.

Bhringraj oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, iron. There is little research supporting these claims, but Ayurvedic teachings and anecdotal evidence suggest that bhringraj can have effects on the body beyond just hair health.
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