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B-Care Dia Powder 200G

B-Care Dia Powder 200G

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B-Care Dia Powder 200G

  • It has powerful anti-viral properties which stimulate the immune system and also aid in digestion.
  • It reduces blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol levels.
  • There it significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It maintains the blood pressure.
  • It acts as a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature skin aging & diminishes wrinkles.
  • It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin biotin zinc, and iron.
  • It also boosts the function of our bladder and kidneys.
  • It helps in weight loss so used to treat obesity.
  • It is also good for the eyes and liver.
  • It is used to treat urine retention and spleen enlargement.
  • It enhances the function of the nervous system.
  • It flushes out harmful toxins from the body and prevents nerve damage.
  • It helps to treat the burning sensation and numbness.
  • It enhances the metabolism.


1tsp with 200ml twice a day with Luke warm water before food.

Reason to use

  • Control blood pressure
  • Boost digestion
  • Helps in weight loss

Benefits of B-Care Dia Powder

  • Improves metabolism
  • Prevents heart stroke
  • Reduce the risk of obesity
  • Prevents premature skin aging
  • Cures kidney-related issues
  • Treats blood sugar level
  • Remove bad cholesterol


  • Tulasi: Treats kidney stones
  • Methi seeds: Reduce blood sugar
  • Bitter Gourd: Remove toxin
  • Cinnamon: Reduce Inflammation
  • Amla: helpful for weight loss
  • Menthi seeds, Karela, Jamun Beej, Jamun (Brk), Haridra, Guduchi, Nimbha, Kalameg, Thangedu Puvvu, Tulasi, Dhalchini, Podapatri, Bhilva Patra, Shilajith, Haritaki, Vibithaki, Amalaki, Trivruth, Revala Chinni, Yestimadhu, Gokshura, Thungamusthala, Vegisa, Addasaram, Kapikachu, Dharu Haridhra, Thejpatra, Kutaja, Stevia.

How to Use

Use one teaspoon twice a day before food with Luke's warm water.


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Marketed By: Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505

Manufactured By: Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505

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