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Balu herbals

B Glow - Face Wash

B Glow - Face Wash

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Balu Herbals B-Glow Face Wash contains the goodness of Saffron and kumkumadi Tailam essentially removes dark spots, Cleanses clarifies impurities & reveals a clear, radiant, and even complexion.
B-Glow Face Wash clears up and builds up for healthier and smoother skin, It keeps your skin hydrated, soft, supple, and youthful-looking, and sweeps away dry and dead skin cells, revealing a fresh layer of skin for a natural glow.

SAFFRON: Saffron Is Highly Rich In Antibacterial And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. These Qualities Make It The Ultimate Go-To Ingredient That Can Fight Acne-Causing Germs, Saffron has Its Glow-Boosting Properties, and The Active Compounds Found In Saffron May Reduce Melanin Production. Thus, Visibly Reducing Those Dark Spots On Your Face.

ALOE VERA: Due To Its Powerful Healing Activity At The Epithelial Level Of The Skin, Aloe Vera Effectively Treats Sunburn, Aloe Vera   Works As An Exfoliator & Excellent Moisturizer

HONEY: Honey Has Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, And Humectant Properties, It May Help Prevent Acne, Calm Irritation, And Maintain Hydration

VITAMIN C: Effects As It Neutralizes Free Radicals Caused By UV rays Responsible For Around 80% Of Aging On The Face In People With Lighter Skin Tones, Corrects Hyperpigmentation, Fades Dark Spots, And Evens Out Skin Tone For A Brighter Complexion, Vitamin C  Stimulates Collagen Production In Skin And Prevents Oxidative Damage.

Reason to use

  • Remove dead skin
  • clears dirt and oil

Benefits of B Glow Face Wash

  • Reduce dark spots
  • Removes tan
  • Hydrate facial skin
  • Heal dry skin
  • Prevents acne
  • Moisturizes skin


  • Saffron: Enhance skin tone
  • Aloe Vera: Treats acne
  • Honey: Moisturizes the skin
  • Lemon: prevents oily skin

How to use

  • Step 1: Rinse your face with cold water, take 2-3 drops of face wash, and apply to your face.
  • Step 2: Rub gently with your fingers for 1 -2 minutes.
  • Step 3: Wash with water and feel the freshness.


MRP 380.00 inclusive of all taxes

Marketed By:  Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505

Manufactured By: Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505

Country of Origin -India

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