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Balu herbals

Mandara Tailam

Mandara Tailam

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Mandara (Hibiscus) Tailam

  • Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Family Name: Malvaceae

Reason to Use

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Reduce dandruff

Benefits of Mandara (Hibiscus) Tailam

  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Make hair strong and thick
  • Relieves stress
  • Strengthens hair
  • Make hair soft and silky


  • Indian gooseberry (Amla) – Reduces hair loss
  • Water hyssop (Brahmhi) - Prevents dandruff
  • Spikenard (Jatamansi) - Makes hair stronger
  • False Daisy (Bhringraj) - prevents premature greying of hair

How to Use

Apply the oil on the hair and massage the scalps with your fingers.  Leave for an hour and wash with shampoo to get shiny hair.

Hibiscus Hair Oil is specially crafted with a family recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation. It brings together the goodness of fresh herbs and botanicals to give you hair that will shine with good health and heal it from within by penetrating deep within the shafts and reducing damage caused by chemical treatments and environmental stress.

Hibiscus Hair Oil comes packed with the goodness of nature and may help reduce hair fall and hair breakage, promote healthy hair growth, and reduce premature greying. We make our oils fresh in small batches in order to bring the best of Herbal purity in them.

Our Hibiscus Hair Oil for accelerated hair growth and hair fall control. Specially made with cooling ingredients for summer conditions. 

  • Accelerated hair growth
  • Balding, hair loss & receding hairline reversal
  • Thickening of thin hair
  • Hair fall control
  • Cold, sinus & headache relief with scalp massage
  • Lotus & Tulsi help with physical and mental stress release

Our hibiscus oil recipe will work wonders for your hair growth and volume and can be made from the comfort of your home.

Not just a pretty flower, hibiscus is also a renowned herb that has extraordinary healing properties. If you suffer from hair loss, then hibiscus flowers and leaves will serve as the perfect remedy for you and stop hair fall.

In fact, the naturally occurring amino acids in hibiscus flowers provide the hair with the nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. These amino acids produce a structural protein called keratin which is the building block of hair.

Keratin binds the hair, makes it less prone to breakage, promotes the overall thickness of hair strands, and makes hair more manageable. Moreover, hibiscus flowers and leaves contain a high amount of mucilage which acts as a natural conditioner.

So, to help you rejuvenate the scalp and manage hair fall, we bring to you this hibiscus oil recipe, which happens to be the ultimate hair growth oil, that you can make from the comfort of your home.

It increases blood supply, stimulates hair follicles, prevents and cures dandruff, encourages hair growth and blackening, and aids in natural cooling.

Care Tips

Regular massage before bed increases blood supply relieves insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.

The health benefits of hibiscus hair oil include:

  • Hibiscus hair oil stimulates hair growth from dormant follicles. This helps thicken your hair and add volume.
Regular use nourishes the hair and scalp and strengthens the hair strands from the root, which helps to reduce hair fall over time.
  • Balu Herbals Mandara tailam (hibiscus) is an effective ayurvedic hair oil for hair care.
  • It is concentrated hair oil that doubles hair growth.
  • This tailam contains the main ingredient hibiscus which has been traditionally used for thousands of years for hair-related problems.
  • It shows tremendous results for the regrowth of hair.
  • Mandara thailam is very effective in the prevention of hair loss, strengthening hair roots, and revitalizing the scalp by promoting blood circulation.
  • The great benefit is in conditions like alopecia, infective alopecia, pediculosis, premature baldness, and dandruff.
  • Maintains the natural shine of the hair.
  • Makes hair thicker, and stronger and increases volume.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Keep hair soft and prevent frizzing. 
  • Regular usage of Mandara thailam gives permanent solutions for all hair problems.


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Marketed By: Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505.

Manufactured By: Balu Herbals Pvt Ltd
Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar, Telangana 501505.

Country of Origin -India

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